Monday, May 9, 2016

Ultrasound disappointment

I'm in shock, that appointment did not go how I was expecting at all. I had been feeling so hopeful that maybe all ten follicles would be growing this time and that we might have the option of as many as ten eggs this time with the possibility of extra embryos to freeze.

During the ultrasound the doctor was being very quiet and just taking some photos of the screen. I eventually asked "wie sieht's aus?" which translates to "how's it looking?" and the answer was not what I was hoping to hear. Apparently my body is just not responding well to the meds, like I had feared the other day. Only two follicles are growing. The rest haven't changed at all! 

The doctor even asked whether I would still like to go ahead with the egg retrieval this Friday, since I will most likely only end up with one or two eggs. I am so disappointed. It feels like my body is failing me again, firstly by not being able to get pregnant naturally and now by not responding to the IVF meds. Certainly having less eggs doesn't help our odds of this working.

I decided that I still want to go ahead with the egg retrieval procedure though because I've come this far already and since I had the endometrial scratch done the womb lining should be more fertile this month. I am hoping and praying that we will get at least one egg at the retrieval and that it will be mature enough, of good quality and then fertilize. The transfer would be a couple of days later if we even have something then to transfer!

The whole IVF process is so unpredictable and hard. I am trying to still stay hopeful but part of me is really worried after the bad news today. 

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