Tuesday, July 27, 2021

Summer 2021

The good news is I'm fully vaccinated! Such a relief. I got the Biontech (Pfizer) shot both times. Hubby is fully vaccinated too.

The bad news is the pandemic is far from over.. The Delta variant is raging through Europe but at least the hospitalization and dealth rates are decreasing as more and more people are vaccinated. Even though young children generally don't suffer badly with Covid-19 from what I've read, we are still trying to be cautious for our daughter's sake as we'd rather she doesn't catch it. On top of that we also don't want to contribute to the spread of the virus.

That said, my Dad is planning to visit us soon which is exciting and we're even going on a little holiday within Germany for a few days. I've also been out a few times to outdoor beer gardens to meet friends which has been really lovely. Here are a few photos from a family boat trip we went on recently and some strawberries growing in our garden.