Thursday, September 26, 2019

Greta Thunberg, one badass teenager

Most of us have seen Greta Thunberg's recent speech to the UN or at least heard of her. She is an amazing young woman. As she looked at everyone at said "how dare you!" it made me feel uncomfortable as I'm sure it did everyone else. She was visibly angry and when I thought about it more myself, I realized how absolutely justified she is in feeling that way.

Young people growing up today have been failed by those before them that more has not been done to protect the environment. It's frankly impressive how she is stirring up other school children around the world to be activists. I hope they will continue to care about politics and use their votes when they are old enough. Though I also wonder why the voting age is 18 and whether there could be case for reducing it to 17 or even 16.

When I hear all the negative comments about Greta, it upsets me. Why all the hate against someone for caring about climate change and doing something about it? All I can think of is that she makes people uncomfortable about their inaction and they can't handle it.

Monday, September 16, 2019

Comment of the week #MicroblogMonday

Chatting with a work colleague from a different team recently and she asked how old I am. "Thirty-seven", I answer. I'm not sure her age but I'm guessing somewhere in the late twenties.

She expressed shock at my age, having believed me to be much younger and then commented, "wow, you look great..considering you're almost forty!"

Gotta love the Germans for their "honesty, right?".

Thursday, September 5, 2019

Ireland in August

We recently got back from a two week trip to Ireland. Apart from the usual time spent with family and friends which was wonderful as always, we also managed to do a bit of site seeing! Anyway, just thought I would share a few photos from the holiday.

Tinakilly House and grounds, County Wicklow

Mount Usher gardens, County Wicklow

Dun Laoghaire, County Dublin

Marfield House Hotel and grounds, Wexford

The fairy trail walk on the way to Ballymoney beach, Wexford

Ballymoney beach, County Wexford