Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Transfer day is the best day

This morning I went to my clinic for my appointment still not knowing if I would actually have something to transfer or not. When I arrived and the lab guy asked my name he seemed to be confused or something which made me worry that my name wasn't on the list and then he went to get the doctor's assistant. So then I was worried that he might be getting someone to talk to me and tell me the sad news that my embryo hadn't made it. Thankfully that wasn't what happened! The assistant arrived and took me to the quiet area to relax and drink some water while I waited to be called. I think the lab guy was just in a bad mood that day.

The circle and bloom relaxation tapes have one specifically for transfer day so I listened to it and tried to calm my mind. When I went in for the appointment the doctor firstly got me to confirm my name and birthdate and then informed me that we have a really great looking embryo; 8 cell with some "construction". I was so happy and relieved as you can probably imagine! The transfer itself also went without problems and afterwards I relaxed for awhile and the nurse gave me some instructions for the next two weeks, No sport, baths, or hot water bottles on my stomach and I should drink lots of fluids and try to avoid stress.

When I googled 8 cell day three embryos with compaction I came across a positive study which says they have a higher chance of leading to pregnancy than ones without. I feel like I have good reason to feel positive that this just might work this time!

I've been feeling so happy, ecstatic basically that we have a chance at all this month. So today has been a really good day!


  1. So happy for you.
    Casey's Mum

  2. That's great news!! sending sticky thoughts!

  3. ah so pleased that you had a good transfer day. Wishing you all the luck in the world XXX


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