Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Day 12 Trigger time

Yesterday morning doing the injections I felt very unmotivated and dejected. I was wondering what is the point of me doing this if the meds aren't working for me?  Once I reminded myself that I only have one more day to get through and then I'll have a break from needles I felt somewhat better. Yesterday evening I also felt particularly run down and had stomach cramps so I just relaxed with a hot water bottle on the couch. I've started feeling more bloated and uncomfortable now, hopefully that's a good sign.

This evening at 10pm exactly I'll give myself the trigger shot. This is the hcg hormone will tells your body to ovulate in 36 hours. My egg retrieval operation will be Friday morning and the idea is to catch the eggs when they have finished their final preparation process in the follicles but just before they are released for ovulation. Therefore the timing is crucial.

Yesterday I went to the shops and stocked up on avocados. There was a study that showed that women who ate a lot of them during IVF had better odds of it working. So I'm doing what I can! Apart from that I will keep doing my meditation in the evenings and try to not be too anxious even though this is obviously a very stressful thing to be going through!


  1. I didn't realise you were back to blogging!

    I hope everything goes well for you this time.

    I haven't made this public knowledge, but we're on cycle 8 of TTC, so I'll be reading along here with interest (while obviously hoping things work out for us naturally - still in "normal" range of "within a year" here)

    1. yeah I go through phases where I blog more! Thanks so much. That's so great that you are TTC now, I hope you'll be successful soon :)


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