Friday, May 13, 2016

It all boils down to one

This morning was the egg retrieval procedure. It went fairly standard without complications and afterwards I rested for several hours with a drip and then had an appointment with the doctor to make sure everything looked ok and finally get a chance to find out how many eggs were collected.

A very disappointing one. One measly egg, after almost two weeks of injections and close to one grand spent on meds. Not to mention so much hope for good numbers and potential extras to freeze. Don't get me wrong I am absolutely grateful and delighted to at least have the one but it is disappointing.

Tomorrow the clinic will phone me to let me know whether it fertilized and I am feeling very nervous about that. Last time we had a 100% fertilization rate, both embryos fertilized and were top quality so I am really hoping that this one might also be good.

I realise that our chances are not as great as they would have been had we gotten say ten eggs in which case the doctor could have chosen the best two embryos to put in. I have already started to think that maybe I need to stay somewhat neutral and prepare myself that it might not work. I read a few articles the past few days about women who are poor responders to the meds. It said we face a greater challenge than others. Nonetheless it reported that mini IVF can be effective which is where you have a cycle with minimum meds but still end up with good quality eggs and embryos, but it can take several more rounds to work and a lot of clinics don't offer it as it makes their statistics look worse. No harm having a plan B in the back of my mind just in case.

I am trying to stay positive for the call tomorrow. All our hopes rest on this single egg!

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