Monday, May 23, 2016

Painful cyst after transfer

As you can see from this post title it's been an eventful few days and not in a good way unfortunately! The first two days after transfer I was feeling great! I had to give myself another shot of the HCG hormone which also went fine. Then Friday morning I was awoken at 6.30am with severe stomach cramps. At first I wondered if it could be implantation cramps already although it would be too early for that. It was very unpleasant as I couldn't use a hot water bottle or take a painkiller (both unadvised during pregnancy) so I had to just grin and bear it. I couldn't seem to get comfortable or go back to sleep so I got up and had a glass of water and tried to relax on the couch but I also started feeling really nauseous at that stage. I even wondered if it could be morning sickness but again unlikely this early! Awhile later it got really bad and I had to throw up. I also felt weak and dizzy and the pain which seemed to be centered around my right ovary was not getting any better. 

At that stage we phoned the clinic's emergency number and were told to come in and get checked out. I felt very nervous going there wondering what could be wrong with me. I also worried that it could be OHSS but that seemed unlikely since I only had one egg extracted and it rarely happens for poor responders. After waiting for over an hour on the uncomfortable waiting room chair I got to see a doctor. She examined me and said that I don't have any leaking fluid in my stomach which would indicate OHSS but I had an enlarged ovary from the hormones and a ruptured cyst on my right hand side which is causing all the pain. It should go away by itself but if the symptoms get worse over the weekend I shouldn't hesitate to go to hospital and she recommended I come in for another scan Monday. I was relieved it was not even more serious and also glad when she commented that my womb lining looks nice and thick! 

For the rest of the day I still had a dull pain but I seemed to be feeling a lot better and the nausea was also gone by the afternoon. The doctor said I can take paracetamol but I decided to not risk it if I can avoid it just on the off chance it might affect the growing embryo. I also hope all the stress of the past few days won't stop the embryo from implanting! Over the weekend I felt gradually better and was back at work today. This morning my scan also looked fine so thankfully the cyst does seem to be going away by itself.

I can say from experience that having a ruptured cyst is extremely painful and horrible. I also can't help wondering whether it might have been avoided, like whether my clinic could have noticed it growing and drained it or warned me about it at least. Another thought I have been having is that if this IVF round ends up with our miracle baby I doubt I would want to do it again in the future. Despite the fact I would love more kids, I don't think I would want to keep putting my body through it. Right now a healthy baby and not having to do IVF anymore is my wish!


  1. Oh how awful! I had a cyst rupture a few months ago. I was pregnant and it was awful. I couldn't even walk across the room without doubling over and I lost a lot of blood. Hope you feel better soon.

    1. Thanks, I'm feeling much better now. Sorry you had one while you were pregnant, must have been scary.


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