Wednesday, November 1, 2017

week 22 - being social #pregnancyDiary

This week since I've been feeling good I arranged several meet ups with friends. Since most of the people I know here already have kids, a few have kindly given us lots of their old baby clothes and various items. One friend brought over three bags full of little girls clothes! I'm delighted to get all the stuff, certainly all the various baby paraphernalia can be really expensive, but I also really want to buy some things for our child too. At the weekend we took a trip to a baby shop and had a look around. It was all very overwhelming to be honest! There are so many potential things to get. I'd like to try to be a bit of a minimalist parent and only buy things that we'll actually use.

I've still been getting pretty bad heartburn these days, nosebleeds and leg cramps. Also I've noticed I often wake up early but then can't get back asleep. Those are my only real "complaints" at the moment and none of those are that bad. I've been lucky that the second trimester has been fairly smooth sailing and I'm grateful for that.

I had no idea that buggies cost so much! You are talking 800€ plus for the nicer ones. And even though we don't own a car we occasionally rent one so it could make sense to buy a baby seat. Those are 100-300€ and only for the first year. From age one to three you need to get another one. I certainly don't want to buy stuff we don't need so I'm trying to work out which items we will actually use and which aren't necessary. For instance, instead of paying several hundred on a special changing table, I'm thinking of using the top of a chest of drawers. There are some markets here where they sell used items so it might be worth checking them out for certain items. In Germany when you cycle a lot with kids you can buy an attachment for your bike. Very handy though these can cost around a thousand!

We will need to apply for the play schools here before the baby even arrives apparently as they really do get booked out fast. You need to fill out a form and register for your favourite seven then also go to them in person, plus it helps if you know someone. There's one place which has a good reputation and both English and German are spoken which would be ideal.

Only two more weeks till I reach viability stage! How cool is that? So I have decided to go to Ireland one more time before the baby arrives. I know we had decided earlier on in the pregnancy that I wouldn't travel anymore but that was when we were still feeling a lot more insecure about everything. At this stage we are both feeling more confident and I've been a bit homesick lately. This will be my last chance to go back during the second trimester and then I won't travel anymore in the third trimester.

The flights aren't so expensive this time of year and it will be nice to go back home for a few days. Hubby won't be able to come with me unfortunately. I'm going to travel light, just a carry on. It will be fun to spend a few days with family and friends. I think that ideally people shouldn't travel in the first or last trimester but the middle seems like a good time. It's only a short flight to Ireland anyway. I have another check up at my doctor in two weeks and then once I'd get back from the Ireland trip my next appointment would only be two weeks later. Obviously if I have any issues while away or after the trip I would go straight to doctor/hospital. But lately everything has been going great with the pregnancy, no issues. I'll just try to make sure to take it easy during my visit. There have been times when I've felt like I needed another holiday after a visit home as I'd be so busy going here there and everywhere trying to fit in meet ups with everyone!

I recently got a new passport - my first one with my married name. It was relatively simple - it just involved filling out a form and sending it to the Irish embassy in Berlin with photos. I had to get my signature witnessed but luckily I had a friend who fit the criteria and had the stamp so it was all fine. I'm not that happy with my new photo though, I look extremely serious and a little grumpy! That's just my resting face I guess, haha. Oh well, I doubt many people have a great passport photo.


  1. Awesome! I'm glad you are feeling well and have the chance to travel a bit. I'm with you on kit: it's easy to buy too much. Here's my must have list for what it's worth:
    -a nursing pillow if you plan to breastfeed (makes a huge difference in comfort)
    -a great rocker/recliner (you spend a lot of time in it: so worth the money)
    -We did opt for a change table, though I see the reasons for not doing so. Just make sure whatever option you have is convenient and comfortable as you will be spending a lot of time at it
    -pyjamas for newborn with snaps down the front (i.e. no need to pull clothes over their head). Newborns hate being dressed. Also, I wouldn't bother with a lot of dresses for your daughter till she can walk. They just get in way and are annoying
    -Stroller....depends. We chose to buy a fairly nice one and used it a lot. I got the full recline bassinet and when AJ was really little I would have it in the house and she would sleep in it. Some moms opt to babywear a lot but mine didn't want to be worn all the time so we did need a stroller. And it is very important to get out of the house, so do have a plan for that, whatever it is.
    -sleep sacks are nice for young babies (less tangly blankets, though the sack on its own wasn't warm for us)

    1. Thanks for sending your list, that's really helpful! Actually a friend is giving us their old changing table so that's handy. Oh yeah, I've heard that about getting outfits with lots of snap buttons which are easier to get on and off. I'll have to bear that in mind when I'm looking at the cute outfits in the shops! Yeah I'm going to get sleep sacks, less of a risk of SIDS when sleeping.

  2. Yay, I'm glad you're going home one last time. Yes, you relax and make everyone come to you this time :-)
    I look miserable on my passport photo. The lady who took it kept asking if I could smile "just a little bit" and I was like "nope - UK regulations say absolutely no smiling".

    1. Haha, yeah that's the plan! Definitely don't want to overdo it.
      I guess most people don't look their best on the passport photos! I was tempted to try to smile a little but didn't want photos to be rejected. My serious face also looks pretty depressed!


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