Monday, November 23, 2015

IVF Diary - Schröndinger's Baby

Right now I'm reminded of Schröndiger's cat.

I could be pregnant and have a baby already growing inside me or it could be over already but I won't find out for several more days. Time is passing by really slowly. I just want to know already! Although if it's bad news, a negative result, then maybe I'm actually not in a hurry to know...

I'm starting to get anxious, a positive result would just be the first hurdle, I'm sure I would be nervous getting through each stage as the risk of miscarriage after IVF is higher than normal.

I don't feel particularly pregnant which is a little disappointing though it's still very early days. I just feel normal. Well apart from the sore throat I have and feeling run down which could also just be a side effect from the hormones. I keep wondering how my little snowflakes are getting on. Have they implanted or not? Potentially I could end up having twins if both embryos stick around. According to my doctor there is a one in five chance! 

It would be devastating to get a negative result. I'm worried that I might have done something wrong. I could have eaten healthier the past week. And maybe I should have rested more and not let myself get this cold. I was telling the GerMann some of this stuff and he said that I haven't done anything wrong and if it doesn't work, it's not my fault and not to blame myself. Thought that was sweet of him to say. 

How do other people survive this waiting?!


  1. The best thing to do I try to relax! I know it is hard to do. Definitely don't blame yourself for anything. This is a game of odds and sometimes the odds just aren't in our favor. But focus on the positive. I went out and bought a couple small new baby items and did some Pinterest baby shower ideas as a way to keep my spirits. Good Luck!

    1. Thanks. I've been trying to relax more, but like you said it's not easy! A Pinterest baby shower board is a good idea, focus on the positive...

  2. I can't imagine. There is so much waiting when it comes to IVF. Waiting and wondering. Good luck, sending baby dust your way!

    1. I know, so much waiting wondering firstly how your body is responding to the meds, waiting to see if embryos fertilize, and then waiting to find out if it worked..trying to be patient...

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