Saturday, November 7, 2015

IVF Diary - day twelve

The second ultrasound appointment went fine. This time I had a different doctor and I asked what it means to have six follicles and how many eggs I can expect at the retrieval. She explained that follicles can have either one egg in them or none at all, so I could end up with 6 eggs or maybe only 3. I do have a few smaller follicles starting to grow which is promising and could mean more eggs, although they might not be big enough by the time of the egg retrieval.

I had to keep giving myself the hormones for three more mornings so altogether it's been twelve days of injections and then this evening at exactly 10pm I had to do the HCG trigger shot. The trigger shot brings on ovulation 36 hours later. Monday morning I'll have the egg retrieval procedure and the embryo transfer will probably be three days later.

Physically I feel fine at the moment. A little bit bloated and tired but no more stomach cramps. Another good thing is I would definitely say that the injections have gotten a lot easier. The first few days I found them a real struggle and it would be on my mind a lot, but now I just do it and it's not fun obviously but it's not the worst either.

Since I already know that I might not get that many eggs I'm prepared for that. I'm really hoping that the other follicles will grow by then though. And then the next thing will be praying that lots of eggs fertilize and keep growing over the subsequent three days so that I have one or two to transfer. 

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