Thursday, October 3, 2019

Life Lately

Michelle Obamas's Becoming. I started this months ago and haven't been able to finish it but that's not a criticism. Firstly it's really long but secondly I rarely have time to read it! It's a big book so not one that fits into my handbag to pull out when I have a few minutes on public transport. Whenever I have a free moment, I usually end up doing something else but when I do have a nice 10-20 minutes of undisturbed time ahead of me then I have been delving back into the book and really enjoying it!

We finally got around to watching two very different films, "The Greatest Showman" and "Avengers-Endgame". The former has been one I've been dying to watch for ages and the latter my husband was keen to see!  I think I can safely say we ended up loving both. 

The Greatest Showman is a story around Barnum who comes from poverty and has big dreams. I don't want to go into the story in more detail as I often find that even watching trailers these days can have loads of spoilers and it's nice to watch something without knowing too much in advance. The screenplay, music and dance numbers were amazing and it was just entertaining and good fun. The songs are catchy too and I find myself humming along to them weeks days later!

You've probably heard of Avengers: Endgame even if you aren't a fan because it was a massive hit this Summer.  I enjoy the Marvel stories and films though at times find the format somewhat predictable (time for another huge fight scene with lots of special effects anyone?). That said, this one was particularly entertaining and well done!

Well now it's autumn we've been making pumpkin soup and curries again - yum! My main favourite German treat are pretzels though! A lovely freshly baked pretzel with butter and cheese or avocado on top with a cup of tea is just perfect.

In August we were in Ireland on holidays which was lovely. This month apart from our usual outings to all the local playgrounds, we went to the zoo for the day which was fun.


  1. Avocado on pretzels! Why did I never think of that?

  2. i read Becoming for book club so i had a deadline, but i felt like i would read for 10 minutes and barely make it 1%. i loved it, it was amazing and all that, but it just felt like a slow/long read for some reason. i still haven't seen either of those movies! i really do want to see the greatest showman... one day lol. pumpkin soup=YUM! my fave.

    1. yeah I am enjoying "Becoming" but it does feel like a slow read! I'd definitely recommend "the greatest showman", a nice feel good movie. Pumpkin soup tastes so good and luckily it's healthy too so it's a win win!

  3. I really enjoyed both of those movies as well, and was blown away that Hugh Jackman can actually sing! I hear you on the big books too. I usually try not to get them, but I'm currently reading Never Have I Ever and the library only had the hardback available, so I'm reading that one at home because it's too big to carry on my commute and then a different one on my Kindle app on my phone. I'm hoping to go to the zoo later this month!

    1. Oh yeah Hugh Jackman is very talented! Loved him in Les Miserables too. He has traveled around performing a show with music numbers from both those films and I would love to go see him live. Big hardback books are just not practical for carrying around while commuting unfortunately!


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