Wednesday, January 25, 2012

German cakes

German cakes and pastries.... they are the reason why I have gained about a stone since moving to Germany. Oh, and the fact I cannot stop myself from eating them!
But I am determined that this year I shall make more of an effort to exercise and stop eating so many cakes. Easier said than done of course. I need more willpower!

As long as I can remember I have had a sweet tooth. In restaurants I tend to read the dessert menu even before picking my main course. And I am lucky that I was naturally slim and able to eat what whatever I wanted and have never needed to diet. Since moving to Germany however, I am noticing that I cannot just eat absolutely anything without weight gradually creeping on.

It's actually also well known that moving in with your partner causes you to pile on the pounds. Women tend to match their dinner portions to their partner's, forgetting that men can get away with more calories and then there are the countless nights in on the sofa together or big fancy meals out. Add that to living in Germany with a bakery supplying delicious cakes and pastries on every corner and it's a recipe for... lots of fun times eating cake!


  1. Google finally let me follow your blog, yay!

    I completely understand what you mean. I do not have much of a sweet tooth, nor do I care much for German cake. However, I really like the bread here. I would be in serious trouble if I did not bike everywhere. ;)

    It is also not fair that boys can eat as much as they do. For this reason, I get very depressed that I have the bottomless pit of a husband that I do.

    1. Not as much of a fan of the German bread myself but we all have some weakness I think! I must get back into the cycling again soon myself once the weather gets a bit warmer. And yeah, I am also amazed at the massive amount that the GerMann can eat!

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  3. I also want to give up the cakes, but I better stop baking. Love the look of these cakes. Found you on a Expat blog forum. Cheers. If you would like to join me on blog or here:



    1. Thanks Julie! You have some really gorgeous photos on your blog! I must also try out some of the recipies :-)

  4. Yeah, let's talk about dessert! I love the cakes (and muffins, and scones, and croissants, and...)here, too, and could easily eat them daily, but I am also going to make a real effort this year to keep them an occasional treat, as they should be. The cakes in your photos look so delicious! Now for me, I could live without bread, just a Broetchen or two for breakfast on the weekend would be enough. It's all about the cakes!

    1. You're so right. I also find desserts taste that much better when they are occasional treats and not just eaten every day!

  5. Those cakes look absolutely delicious. I feel your pain in having to not give in to temptation living in Germany. Even the coffee with whipped cream on is to die for!

    1. Yeah, it is nearly impossible trying to resist temptation while living in The Land of Chocolate! I must add that the hot chocolate drinks here with whipped cream are also delicious

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