Wednesday, October 28, 2015

IVF diary - Day two

I was dreading doing the injections today since yesterday hadn't gone so well. This time I put two tablespoons in the freezer a few minutes beforehand and then used them to numb the area on my stomach a little before injecting. I also tried to jab the needle into my skin faster this time and the needle didn't hurt at all although the pergoveris mixture still burned the whole time going in. 

I've been feeling quite tired and run down lately, but that's the only symptom so far. I would love to know what's going on in there but I have to wait another week for my first ultrasound to find out how I'm responding to the hormones and many follicles are growing.

Emotionally I'm finding it a little hard, trying to go about my daily life acting normal when I've got this huge thing going on, but I'm managing. I don't have anything on during the week which is great as it's so nice to come home from work and then get cosy on the couch and either catch up with my favourite tv series or get lost in a good novel. Before starting this treatment I ordered several books so I had something to help me get through the process. I had also read that it's a good idea to clear your calendar before going through ivf and just see how you feel day to day so that's also what I'm doing.

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