Tuesday, January 24, 2023

Looking back on old posts..101 things in 1001 days

In January 2020, I guess I was feeling pretty ambitious because I created a list of 101 things I wanted to achieve in 1001 days. My daughter, Mini (her nickname for the blog), was almost two and life was becomming a little less hectic, as it felt like we were over the hardest of the baby years and finally getting a bit more sleep!

However as you know, in February 2020 everything changed when the world was thrown into a global pandemic Immediately life became a whole lot more stressful. There were several lockdowns that lasted months on end when our Kindergarten was closed and we had to juggle minding a toddler and doing our jobs. There wasn't a second to think, let alone complete goals. So needless to say, I soon forgot about the list and focussed on surviving the present as best we could.

While looking over some old posts, I came across the list recently and thought I would read through it to see if I managed to tick anything off anyway. So let's find out...

The first section was regarding "Health and well being". I did manage to get a skin doctor and dentist checkup, flu vaccine and even quit sugar for 3 days at one point, but I didn't find much time to exercise. I did a few walking challenges and managed 10,000 steps one week but didn't do any jogging. Still overall I did pretty well in that secion I guess.

After that comes "House". Decluttering is constantly on my to do list. We managed to give away/sell a lot of old baby stuff, and I've been gradually giving away Mini's clothes as she grows out of them, however there is still a LOT of decluttering that could be done. So I'll give myself a score of "could do better, room for improvement" on that one.

Ok, then we have "self improvements / style". My hair grew really long during the first year of the pandemic when I wasn't able to get to a hairdresser but not sure that really counts as updating my style! I've been to the hairdresser several times in the past year and I'm happy with my current hair colour. I would still like to update my style though. Maybe this year I'll have more time to think about it. I've been to the shops a few times recently but didn't particualry like the current fashion trends, so I'll keep working on finding my individual style. Still don't have much upper arm strength, haven't done a thing about that goal. So we'll move on..

Hm, I'm feeling a little down while reading through the rest of the goals because I've managed so few of them. But perhaps I should cut myself some slack considering how crazy the past few years have been. Maybe I'll allow myself some extra time, like until the end of the year, to give myself more of a chance.


  1. Yeah, life is always getting in the way of best laid plans! I think the goals we set have as much to do with current circumstances and outlook as they do with the future. Change the circumstances….outlook and goals change too. Which is normal I guess. I think it’s worth looking at which ones stay consistent throughout different experiences. Certainly taking care of health is never a mistake.

    Love your goal to explore / update style! I would totally enjoy seeing pictures of favourite clothing items/outfits. I’m starting to want to rotate my wardrobe….but it won’t be spring for another month at least so I’m resisting lol.


    1. Yeah that's a good point, my goals and priorities are always changing anyway. I have some ideas in my head of what kind of outfits I would like, but I don't seem to find them in the shops which is frustrating! But yeah I could do a post with photos of favourite looks and outfits, fun idea!


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