Monday, June 10, 2019

The right to be heard #MicroblogMonday

As an Irish woman living in Germany I was allowed vote in the recent elections. The EU one was open to all European citizens and the local ones were open to all residents of the relevant constituency. I wasn't going to miss the opportunity and I was delighted to vote for the first time here and encourage others to do the same.

One good thing about this political climate is that people have been getting more interested in politics and realising how much their vote matters. To be honest I didn't know all that much about the different parties in Germany and what they all represent so I spent some time reading up on their goals until I felt happy with my choice.

Climate change and saving the environment is particularly important to me and this is one way I felt I can make a difference.


  1. Congratulations on getting to get your vote out, and get your voice heard!

    1. Thanks, I definitely think it's so important, especially in today's political climate!

  2. When did women get the right to vote in Germany?
    12 November have had the right to vote since...IM DONE.. YOU'REDUMB

  3. Oops...I forgot to put a space between YOU'RE AND DUMB

  4. When did women get the right to vote in ireland?
    Also in 1918


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