Monday, June 8, 2015

House hunting in Germany #microblogMonday

Last week we almost bought our dream house. We've been looking on and off for over two years at this stage and rarely has something come up that's right for us as normally anything we like is either well outside our price range or in a location we're not so mad about. However this time we saw a great house for sale in an area we love and we both knew we had to go view it. Unfortunately loads of other people also saw the ad and the realtor was inundated with calls and visits.

The viewing went great so we arranged a meeting with the bank to get mortgage pre-approval (the low interest rates at the moment means the timing is really good) and then we made an offer! After that all we could do was to wait and cross our fingers (or press our thumbs as the Germans would say- Daumen Drücken!). Sadly we heard back a few days later that we didn't get it.

It was so disappointing. We had both gotten really excited about the house and I had decorated all of the rooms in my head already! So that's where we're at now, back to square one with the house hunting again.


  1. So hard. We went through that with a house we loved. Hopefully another great house will come along soon.

  2. Good luck with the house hunt - I'm sure the right house will come along for you two!

    I nominated you for the Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award (kind of like the Liebster Award)! Here's the blog post link with the award details:


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  5. We recently began looking for houses, with the market going as a sellers market we were confident we'd have no problem selling our house. We looked at many different houses and ultimately put four offers on four different houses and didn't get any of them. Every house had multiple offers on it. We ended up taking our house off the market.


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