Monday, September 15, 2014

Mallorca #MicroblogMonday

Where was I this time last week? Drinking cocktails after a day on the beach probably! The GerMann and I booked a last minute one week trip to Mallorca and it was amazing - a sunny 30 degrees by day and still warm in the evenings, delicious seafood with sangria and long sandy beaches with turquoise water.

We purposely avoided the crazy party area of Mallorca which gives the place a bad reputation. The rest of the island has so many beautiful spots. It seems to be especially loved by German and British pensioners - I'd put the average age of our resort at about 60! The last time we were in Mallorca, this time two years ago, the GerMann proposed, so it was also nice to go back as a now married couple!


  1. We've been there this year as well, upon the rec of German friends. North-Eastern part. Exceptional. Will certainly go back, there's still so much to see and discover.

  2. Looks beautiful! I've always wanted to go to Mallorca. Can you recommend any must sees?

  3. gorgeous place, am putting it on my travel list :)


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