Thursday, July 22, 2010

Two weeks back home then on to new life!

So I got a job! Found out on the Tuesday, and was flying home on the Thursday. Since I’d already booked two weeks back home then was due back Thursday 15th July, we decided I’d start on the Friday. Friday seems a strange day to start but it suited them as they’d have more time to train me in. Also I thought it was a good day to start. Have my first day, get an idea of it all, then have the weekend to recharge before the next week!

So the next day the Wednesday I went and registered as a citizen and got a welcome pack. Just needed to show my passport and give my address. Then back in Ireland for two weeks! It seemed like a long enough time but it ended up being pretty busy- trying to fit in meeting up with everyone, getting packed, buying some new clothes for Germany, going to doctor, bank etc.

Had a going away night out on the last Saturday- dinner in town with all my closest friends then on to a club for some dancing.Everyone’s been really supportive about the whole thing- though also saying that they’re gonna miss me. Got a mixture of Good Luck, congratulations and we’ll miss you cards! My feelings went from excited one day to nervous the next- the whole thing is pretty daunting! Can I manage working through German? Will I be lonely? Will I be able to make friends? How will I get on living with the boyf? And so on.. towards the end of the two weeks I mainly just felt excited about the new adventure!

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