Saturday, May 7, 2016

One week down

Two days ago I felt exhausted and I think I might have had a few occasionally cramps, though it was difficult to say whether it was from the meds or just something I ate! Yesterday I felt great though, full of energy! And today I also feel really good so far. No symptoms whatsoever. I'm not even bloated at all which is surprising. 

Maybe I should be feeling happy that I'm not experiencing any side effects but now I'm starting to get worried. If the meds are working as they should then my ovaries would be really big right now with lots of follicles growing which is why it would be normal to be feeling bloated. The lack of symptoms is making me wonder whether I am responding to the meds at all! 

I have read stories from women on some of the IVF boards who had to have their cycle cancelled mid way due to poor response! I can only imagine how disappointing and frustrating that would be after doing all the injections to not even get to the egg retrieval stage. I already had the disappointing outcome last time of only getting two eggs but at least I still had a tiny chance of pregnancy. 

I am also feeling annoyed that my clinic won't let me come back for my first ultrasound until day ten so I have to wait until then to find out how I am responding the meds which are different to the ones I had last timeWell I did some googling and read online that lots of women don't experience many symptoms yet go on to have lots of eggs, so I'm feeling more hopeful now. Still, I'm looking forward to my ultrasound on Monday to find out how it's all looking. I'm going to have to try to not let myself get too stressed about in the meantime. 

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