Wednesday, March 23, 2022

The one where we all caught Covid

Well of course we couldn't avoid catching Covid-19 forever and our luck finally ran out. We aren't actually totally sure where we got it from but we suspect it was probably from Mini's daycare. I'm actually impressed we even managed to go a full two years without catching it!

Mini came down with symptoms first - a high fever and the first few nights were rough. She complained of tummy pains on and off as well as having a blocked congested nose. Luckily, she seemed to fight it off quickly and was back to herself after a few days. For me it felt like a really bad headcold and I felt crappy for around 4-5 days then very run down for several days after. For hubby it was more like a bad flu and he suffered the most with it. Thankfully we all seem to be fully recovered now.

Timing wise it was unlucky because I wasn't able to go out on St. Patrick's day. I had been looking forward to meeting a few friends at the local Irish pub beer garden and the weather was meant to be sunny. So we just dressed in green at home and I cooked a wholesome shepherd's pie. I haven't been able to celebrate Paddy's day with friends for several years now due to the pandemic.

In Germany, the plan is to drop lots of the restrictions from April. Time will tell whether that's a good idea or not! If you read my previous post you'll see I have somewhat mixed feelings about it all. The good news is that since we have recovered from Covid, we now have some immunity for a few weeks/months at least so we are getting out an about more which is really nice.
(I guess from this photo it's not so clear but there's a faint second line on the Covid-19 antigen test.)

Hope all my readers are keeping well and staying safe!


  1. Aah I'm sorry it got you. Glad you're feeling better. We've escaped so far. Two people from Jan's choir tested positive after a weekend practice so Jan slept in the spare room for a few nights and did fault lateral flow tests. All were negative so we got lucky this time.

    1. Glad to hear you've managed to escape it so far. Hopefully the number of cases will go down again soon as right now it's crazy!

  2. Oh no! Hope you are all feeling better now. No fun at all!

    1. Thanks, it was pretty rotten but we're ok again now!


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