Monday, October 26, 2015

IVF diary - As ready as I'll ever be

Yesterday I went to the doctor, he gave me an ultrasound to check everything looked ok, then told me to start with the injections tomorrow morning. They should be done at the same time each day.

The plan is that after a week I'll go back for another ultrasound and then he'll be able to tell me when the egg retrial procedure will be. I really just want to know already. Some friends were texting me about meeting up next week but I don't know yet if that will be a good time or not. I imagine that the evening before the egg retrieval process I won't be up for meeting anyone and for a few days afterwards I'll be recovering.

After seeing the doctor I then was given a tutorial by the doctor's assistant on how to prepare and administer the injections. It's quite tricky! I'll have to give myself two injections, on alternative sides of my stomach and switch sides each day. One is called Decapeptyl and that is to prevent me from ovulating, and the other is called Pergoveris and is to make my ovaries produce loads of eggs. 

The Decapeptyl is quite simple, it comes already made and you just have to inject it, but the pergoveris is trickier. It comes with two vials of liquid and two vials of powder. You get the large syringe and suck up the liquid then push it down into the powder then do the same for the other vials and then suck all the mixture up into the one syringe. And once that's done you change to a smaller needle.

The medicine has to all be kept cool so the pharmacy gave me a cool bag to bring the medicine home and now I have to keep it all in the fridge. Tomorrow is day one!

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